Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mission Statement

The purpose of this blog is an honest, no holds barred discussion about white people. I am an agnostic and have been studying white people for decades. This blog does not endorse any concept of racial superiority of any "chosen" people. While some white people are gentle and enlightened souls, most unfortunetly are not.
Contrary to popular imagination, the vast majority of terrorists in the world are white males. The most destructive wars in history were(and are still) waged by whites, resulting in the deaths of millions. The most destructive weapons are made by whites. Pornography is manufactered exclusively by whites. They are slowly but surely destroying the environment. Whites are more likely to be sexual predators, child molestors, rapists, stalkers and mass murderers. Why? The problem lies in their own nihilistic belief of racial superiority and the lack of a real sustainable culture based on higher principles of tolerance and respect.
The white race must be pacified and civilized for the betterment of the planet. This will become a reality as enlightened whites shed their racist heritage and rejoin the human race as equals.

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